Hello, I am Nuwan currently based in Negombo, Sri Lanka.

fourteen years experience in software development and architecture. I have considerable experience developing client / server and distributed computing software for major corporate clients using the Windows operating systems and C#, ASP.NET programming languages. I have single- and multi-threaded code development experience, as well as experience developing database and directory applications.

Excellent analytical and problem solving skills. A significant part of my work history has involved acting in the capacity of on-site expert and lead developer specializing in finding solutions for clients with unworkable, incompatible or damaged systems.

BSc.(Hons) in Information Technology. I have a BSc.(Hons) in Information Technology from the University of Malabe(SLIIT).

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Senior Software Engineer

BSc.(Hons) in Information Technology.

I am an enthusiastic team player, who enjoys being part of a successful and productive team. I am quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. I am able to work well on my own initiative and can demonstrate high levels of motivation required to meet tight deadlines. Even under significant pressure, I possess a strong ability to perform effectively.

My experience involves in both Web and Windows based application.ERP Systems, School Administration Systems, Human Resource Packages, Shipping Management Systems, Website Development and Design.

My Skills

ASP.NET MVC, C#, MS SQL, Bootstrap, Xamarin , Web Design,ADO.NET, Angular JS, jQuery, ASP.NET Web API, Web Services

Web Based Development 90%
Mobile App Developing 70%
Project Management 80%

Interface Design

I use bootstrap for web application design.Bootstrap is a design pattern for building a amazing looking web apps.Bootstrap is open source front end web framework developed by Twitter.

Backend Development

I use MS SQL for database design.Microsoft SQL Server is a SQL-based relational database management system designed for use in corporate applications, both on premises and in the cloud.

Mobile App

Xamarin is the latest tool to develop mobile apps.Only need one project to deploy in Android, iOS, and Windows apps.This is most powerful way to develop mobile apps


I use ASP.NET MVC, C# for developing web application.My team always write the coding with increase readerbility and OOP concept. It will help for re-engineering process

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Developing Booking System2018-03-30

Programming Languages ASp.NET C# and MS SQL 2012

Developing dinuro web application 2018-2-20

Programming Languages JAVA and MS SQL 2012

Developing Webbased payroll2018-01-05

Programming Languages ASp.NET C# and MS SQL 2012

My Experiences

Previous companies and my tasks

Cecilia Technology (Pvt) Ltd. 2009 Dec - till date

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Smart Shirts Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. 2010 Jun - till date

IT Executive

Maxies & Company (Pvt) Ltd.2008 - 2010 Jun

Senior Software Engineer/Software Team Leader

Claire Information (Pvt) Ltd.2005 Mar - 2008 May

Director of Information Technology

My Education

Academic Qualifications

BSc.(Hons) in Information Technology
2001 - 2005

SLIIT (Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology)

Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET.2007 - 2008

Microsoft Certified Course

My Hobby

Play Piano

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My Support Team



Dinosha Herath

Dulip Fernando

Iresha Prabani

Rukshini Peiris

Suji Fernando

Website design for Fematar Packaging Pvt. Ltd. (Apr 2017 - May 2017)

We designed a attractive eye catching website for Fematar Packaging Pvt. Ltd. Design tools are Bootstrap,HTML,CSS,Jquery.

FEMSTAR PACKAGING is a private liability company, incorporated in year 2013 under FEMSTAR HOLDINGS. It is a professional manufacture of Paper Tubes/ Paper Cores, Adhesive Tapes, stretch Films and Food wrapping Films (Cling Films) under the brand name of FEMSTAR

Insurance policy administration system (Jan 2017 - Mar 2017)

Smart Shirt proposes a company Insurance solution for their employees. Before starting this solution They had a Insurance policy with external insurance company. this company understands only 75 to 80 percent of employees were claim most of the resent years. Aim of this solution is to maintain in-house insurance policy to gain some advantage of unclaimed employees and save the cost of spending for insurance earlier with insurance company.

This system has several insurance policies according to level of employees. There are two major type of claim forms which are Inpatient admission form and Outpatient addition form. Each policy has attributes such as number of relative allow, payment limits and Employee category. Inpatient and Outpatients algorithm is vary with the insurance policy.

Major Functionalities

Inpatient Admission Form

Outpatient Admission Form

Create new policies

Add relatives

Add Claiming Hospitals

Check claim limits

Inquiries to get employee claims history

Find Employee current claiming status

Software Requirement

ASP.Net, C# 4.0

MS SQL 2012

Medical System for Matammana Orthopaedic Suppliers Company (Pvt) Ltd. (Jan 2016 - Mar 2016)

Matammana Orthopaedics was established in April 1985 in Matammana Minuwangoda. Running under German management, it is a BOI approved company with ministry of health approval to manufacture and provide orthopaedic appliances and services. Being the only German workshop in Sri Lanka our company stands as the 1st address for quality appliances manufactured to European standards by prosthetists and orthotists trained in Germany with over 50 years of experience.

We Developed a system to maintain patient's information and their history. This system has a powerfull Search engine by patient's National ID. Once NIC is entered all the history treatments are listed.This system also containing payment module.All the payments of patients are stored in the database.This system include advance dashboard to catch up all necessary information to admin panel contains Charts to display their daily production and Patients visits and their revenue

Software Requirement

ASP.Net, C# 4.0

MS SQL 2012

Electronic Gate pass System (Apr 2014 - May 2014

eGate Pass System is appeared to fulfill the needs of many of higher level management in Smart Shirt. This system has powerful algorithms to achieve the required goal. This System provides a facility to prepare a electronic gate pass, then it will flow via approval route to receiver. This System facilitates to record all information in the transition so the most powerful security features are used in this system. this system provide a administrative tool to track the path of the gate pass.

Flow of using the System Each user in this system having a User ID.They must be login to the system using their UserIDs. 1. Sender Login to the system and prepare eGatePass and save it to system.(This egate only show to himself until he confirm it )
2. Sender Confirm the egate pass.
3. Egatepass flows to senders department head or other approve level user.
4. Department Head or Approve level user Approve egatepass(Department head also can reject it if there is issue on it)
5. Egatepass flows to security department of sender location.
6. Security department pass the egate to other point of security by reviewing the egatepass
7. Receiver security point pass the egatepass to receiver
8. Receiver collect the egate pass by confirm it to the system.

Software Requirement

ASP.Net, C# 4.0

MS SQL 2012

Office Management System (with Social Activites) (Jan 2014 - Mar 2014

Since the social network media has suspended in some companies at office time, It is proposed to develop an Office management System that will enables employee to be socialized in working premises for some extent. This company Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter has been restricted. Therefore an office management system is going to be developed for them to enhance social networking capabilities to be used by employees. In addition, system will be equipped with new functions such as document sharing, meeting management and information technology help desk system to support official current operations. It will help to organize, improve some of organization inefficiencies and it will improve the efficiency of employees and will release their stress and tension to an extent.

Major Functionalities

Socialize Employee

Socializing Employees to build up physiological attributes among employees. We monitor the flow of the employee use of the system.

Document sharing system

Employees are facilitate to creates and assign groups. They can share documents. This will enable specific account holders and their team to share their documents

Chat/messaging between friends/ groups Social and Official

Chatting and messaging systems are the communication medium in this system among employees.

Publish company newsletters and notifications

There will be a notice board to display company news and employee events.

Develop IT helpdesk

Users can record the IT issues through the system. Can be monitored by the IT department of the progress of the issues will makes easy monitoring and improve diction making.

Meeting minutes

Handling meeting minutes in a systematic way. Send invitation and send reminder notifications and more relative functions are facilitate in this module.

Software Requirement

ASP.Net, C# 4.0

MS SQL 2012

Reservations system and Website for Shanelo Hotel (Apr 2015 - May 2015)

This project was based on desktop and online reservation system and company Website.programming languages are ASP.NET, C# and MS SQL

Software Requirement

ASP.Net, C# 4.0

MS SQL 2012

Attendance and Payroll System for B2 Engineering (May 2014 - July 2014)

We have developed a Attendance System and Payroll System for B2 Engineering company. Developing languages are JAVA and MS SQL

Software Requirement


MS SQL 2012

Photo Management (Facebook style) System for Eataly Company (USA) (Mar 2013 - Mar 2013)

This System is very much like facebook style system. They can upload images, comment on them and print the original images when send to Studio Programming Languages ASP.NET, MS SQL

Software Requirement

ASP.Net, C# 4.0


Website for Oztrich Company Australia (Feb 2013 - May 2013)

We designed a website for Oztrich Company in Australia.The website was target to find businesses on Document managing and Reporting.

Website Design for Femstar Entertainers (Jul 2012 - Aug 2012)

We designed a website for Femstar Entertainers for promoting their. Also providing Emails server www.femstarsl.com

Sample Request Form System for Smart Shirts Lanka Pvt. Ltd.(May 2011 - Aug 2011)

Sample Models Information System is a web based system which facilitates a proper path to access sample models information in efficient and effective way. The system automates the manual recording process and establishes an accurate and high speed path to access sample information via intranet.

Benefits of the System

Web based application
Updates can be made quickly and easily
Familiar interface and encourages use
Information is accessible for wide audience
Always up to date
Allow for multiple concurrent users
Easy to locate history information

Software Requirement

ASP.Net, C# 2.0

MS SQL 2005

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